Pinocchio’s Adventures

"Pinocchio's Adventures" eBook is the first tech-educational experience of English language the children of Sacro Cuore School Kindergarten have lived. This new form of storytelling together with the work done by the children offers the possibility to young learners themselves but also to their parents to touch this experience first-hand. Multiple multimedia features were employed in the proposed interactive eBook such as animations, videos, interactive games, interactive worksheets, audio files and songs. These benefits help children develop language, social, listening and thinking skills.

From a pedagogical point of view, the story of Pinocchio has been told and worked out in English language to comprehend that it is a heritage of humanity.

L’eBook “Pinocchio's Adventures”, è stato pubblicato su Apple Books, perciò è gratuitamente scaricabile sull’app Libri al seguente link: Pinocchio's Adventures

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